5940 West Island Highway, Qualicum Bay B.C.

About Us

C.F. Mclean Pellet Sales came about in 2003 when we bought our first pellet stove. We were tired of smoking, dirty, wood stoves. and looking for a carbon neutral and inexpensive alternate heat source. As some of our friends and family had stoves also, we decided to market the stove pellets to reduce our own heating costs.

Well, word of mouth spread! that we sold a good quality pellet for a reasonable price and we were in the pellet business. Of course, having horse's bedding was the next logical move.

Wetwood Fibre Products of Kelowna now supplies us with Stallion brand Giddy-Up animal bedding, Preimium wood heating pellets, and Stalion brand Shavings.


Premium stove pellets 40lb bags
Giddy-Up animal bedding 40LB bags
Stalion brand Shavings compressed 12 cubic ft bag.

Wood Pellets !
Cost efficent - less labour and time cleaning - highly abbsorbant 4.5 % moisture content -
odor reducing - easy storage and handling - reduces manure pile size & easly composts.

10 am to 7 pm for drop in pick up
Monday to Friday and weekends.
1 877 581 3311 toll free


We at C.F McLean offer delivery to your door. This makes it even more convenient to use wood pellets. We can deliver all over the central island. (Delivery charges may apply)



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